Sunday, December 14, 2014

December Update

it's been a busy and fun month!
each year i seem to forget how hectic and crazy it gets around the holidays
and this year is no exception!
 we started decorating the house the day after thanksgiving!
it took all weekend and i was so exhausted!
sometimes i wonder if i'm over doing it, and then there comes a moment of silence late at night with all the christmas lights on and i love it so!
but i dread to take down to come...

these decor pics are from my iphone...not so great but you get the idea!
 i didn't have my tree skirts out yet, but they are so cute!
i ordered these
 realized later, i should have had that fire going for my pic!
 my little pink church lights up, should have had her on too!

one of my wreaths from the top dormer had fallen before i took this pic!
my sweet neighbor climbs a ladder to hang them for me!
 molly has found a new love of ice skating over the last few weeks!
she has taken to it so wonderfully, i love seeing her growth and bravery on that big rink!

Check out this quick action packed  video: 

 Our Elf, Buddy arrived after Thanksgiving also! 

 For the last month, Molly has had choir practice at church as they prepared for the Christmas musical.
she really enjoyed it and it was so good!

 and this was teh evening of the first performance
our church is so pretty at christmas time!

 we had the children's choir, adult choir, handbell players, and also the choirs from 2 congregations who meet on our campus as well...the hatian congregation and the burmese congregation.
it was truly multicultural and so meaningful!

 we were so happy to see friends there on the fist night of the performance!

and this was the 2nd performance...granny and madison!
 today after church we went to a walk thru Bethlehem event at woodmont christian church in nashville
they've put this together for 30 years and it is always amazing! 
 molly got to experience things like grinding  flour, pressing olives for olive oil, smelling lots of herbs and spices, and walking through the live nativiity!
 the church is gorgeous!  my iphone snaps do not do it justice!
we had a 15 minute mini worship service where we sang christmas hymns together
it's nashville...and the musicians do not disappoint!  
the  worship leader and musicians could have been performing on stage at the ryman!

 with mary, joseph, and baby jesus!

 a shepherd boy
a roman guard
 she did great getting the flu mist!  
hopefully it will be a germ free winter!
 we made one of my favorite christmas wreath cookies on night!

you can't tell it really...but i just had my first root canal in this pic...1/2 my mouth was still numb!
it really wasn't bad at all considering the pain i had been in all weekend previous to this appointment!  i was so nervous, they used gas mask on me...which is a first since i was probably 8 years old! ha!  i go back for phase 2 of the root canal tomorrow : (       

we have a full week ahead...
piano recital, rudolph the red nosed reindeeer musical, final week of school, last gymnastics practice for the semester, whew!  i'm exhausted just thinking about it!

Friday, November 28, 2014

november update & happy thanksgiving!

i'm combining the whole month of November into this giant post because time is precious these days
we've had a great month filled with lots of firsts
to start with molly started ice skating lessons every saturday morning & loves it!
 we're so fortunate to live only 5 minutes away from the new scott hamilton skate academy
and it's a great facility!  

here are a few pictures of her very first time on ice...ever!  
the rink is so huge, i don't think she realized what exactly would happen to start with
here her coach lead her to the ice and left her to herself while she greeted the other students.

 that is one way to learn....she scaled the whole rink holding onto the sides!
to a tiny 6 year  old that could be a scary adventure!
i thought when she saw me that she might be crying and want out, but nope! she was holding strong!

 she's quite the strong competitor, much unlike me!
i would have quit after that first day for sure! 
now she has about 4 lessons down and she's doing so much better!  
she not afraid, she's not falling as much, and she's beginning to glide!!

 a couple pictures from the switch witch...the day after halloween she comes to "visit" and switches most of molly's halloween candy for a gift!

 this year she gave her cozy, warm frozen slippers and frozen change bags!

 we went to visit santa the first weekend he arrived at our galleria
we always like to go early!
 we stopped at macy's and wrote a letter to santa!
macy's always has the cutest santa mailbox out for kids!                          

 as you can see...she wants dinosaurs for christmas! ha!

 we got a teeny bit of snow this month!

our yard won yard of month in our neighborhood!
that's a fun treat that comes with a $50 check!  awesome!
 i'm so thankful that i teach at the same school molly attends b/c it allows me to pop in for little events like this
kindergarten thanksgiving feast!
 kindergarten teachers are brave and amazing!
they put all of the kiddos in the hallway and let them enjoy their "feast" together
they were so adorable!

 she loves her teacher!!!
 and here we are on thanksgiving morning...getting the turkey ready!
she's really been a "helper" in the kitchen lately!

 here she is washing the dishes the day before thanksgiving!

 i love thanksgiving morning!!!!!
the parade was on and i was finishing some cooking in the kitchen and she was having a blast, dancing away!
i have a picture of her doing this when she was really little too!

 and then, let the party begin!
we started the fun at 2:00 p.m. and had about 16 people and kids here total
it was a great day!
 molly had just finished watching the dog show...and she was a dog in these pictures!

 the deserts
 the food

 molly got in on eddie's family picture!

 all the littles!
tiffany & fortino's  family
kelsie, kayla, kara

 my cousin tw joined us this year, it was so good to have him with us!

 mom and her grands
 me and cousin tiffany

 aunt faye and kesie and tiffany
mom, judy, tw,me, and eddie

it was a wonderful day!
now, i'm taking thanksgivign decor down and putting christmas up!  
{leftovers to come}
i love this day!!!!
i do hope you had a great day as well!!!!

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