Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Gingerbread House is Quickly Going...

The gingerbread house we made on Sunday is quickly being eaten away. Eddie LOVES the 'nerds' candy and Madison likes it all. I'm using the 'nerds' to train Eddie like a puppy teach him appropriate vocabulary. I’ll give him a few and then say “say Amy” and he’ll say it (in his own vernacular), “say candy”, again he’ll try, “give me a kiss”, and he’ll lean forward and kiss me! It’s so cute! He’s really coming out of his shell lately. He’s had such a tough first 18 months of life, being very sick with colds, ear infections, lung infections, allergies, etc. Recently he was changed from regular milk to goat’s milk and that could be the reason he’s feeling so much better. Only time will tell, but I love his reaction to the gingerbread house and the candy although I was reprimanded by Ambre for feeding him candy…but nerds are so small they hardly qualify for candy, right?

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