Saturday, January 10, 2009

Skin Care

Update at bottom...

Jill recently left the sweetest comment about my skin on one of my posts and asked me to share my skincare routine in a post. These kind of comments go straight to a girl's head and so it took me a couple days to settle down a bit! Thanks Jill! I've always hated my skin actually because it is dry and pale. I always burn in the sun and I wanted to have a golden tan like the Golden Dream Girl Barbie. However, I've since come to grips with my skin and do try to put effort into keeping it healthy.

1. Cleanse. My favorite beauty product is the Clarisonic Skin Care System and I use it every night. My girlfriends can tell you I'm a 'bathroom' hog on trips and such. I never go to bed without going through my nightly beauty regimen! But this little product washes my skin and pores from all the dirt and grime from the day. Oprah had it on her favorite things one Christmas and I bought it for myself! It's a bit pricey, but it's worth it I think.

2. Sunscreen. I try my best to use sunscreen everyday, even in the winter months. I love the Peter Thomas Roth line because it is light and doesn't clog your pores. The body spray is wonderful for your arms and neck areas. The little sunscreen brush is instant mineral sunscreen powder and I use it in the afternoons at recess and dismissal at school. My 'duty' is car rider dismissal and so I'm directly in the afternoon sun for 40-50 minutes with both recess and dismissal. I don't want to smear sunscreen lotion on at those times so I just use this brush and I'm ready.

3. Water, I drink lots of it every. single. day. I crave it actually. I like to think it helps my skin.

4. Moisturize, because my skin is very dry I use a very creamy moisturizer at night (Cetaphil) and a lighter one for day (Oil of Olay). This can be tricky because I don't want to use too much to clog my pores, but yet I need to feel moisturized. I also am allergic to most smells so I have to have a strictly fragrance free moisturizer and they are hard to find!

5. Glycolic Acid Hydrating Gel I did't want to leave out my nightly use of this product. It clarifies the skin and helps to even out rough textures. It moisturizes without greasiness. Their are many different brands of gycolic acid, but this is the only one I've used.


Danielle said...

I think we have pretty similar skin. Not saying I have great skin, but I'm pale and dry too :)

So do you really swear by this clarisonic? Can you tell us a little more about it? I want to keep my skin looking as good as I can.

Thanks for this post. It's funny that you did it because I have been planning on writing about my bobbi brown products. She has a great SPF 25 face moisturizer.

Emily Doss said...

thought you'd love these clothes:
This lady is making dresses to help fund her adoption and they are too cute!!!

Jill said...

Thanks for you skin care tips. I totally agree with you about sunscreen, it's SO important. I relly need to drink more water. Ugh...

amazeingteacher said...

The Clarisonic brush is a rotating brush you use to cleanse each night. I guess the rotating (soft) bristles clean your pores much better than a wash cloth would. You replace the brush part every 3-6 months.

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