Monday, March 2, 2009

I love Magazines!

I love to read Magazines, do you? My favorite subscription right now is the Martha Stewart Living. I usually subscribe to one a year and then spend way too much at the grocery store buying others throughout the month that grab my attention. Recently I heard about Maghound which is a magazine subscription site similar to what Netflix is to movies. You can get on there website ( and choose from a variety of magazines for only a small monthly payment. I browsed the choices this weekend and picked my top 6 magazines for only around $10/month. Those magazines would cost at least $30/month if I really bought them all...what a savings! So, visit the website and see what you think. Have fun!!


Emily Doss said...

something about buying a magazine at the store is so much cooler than getting it in the mail. why is that? I spend much more money this way, but seem to enjoy the magazines even more when I do this. ha!

The name is Deb said...

What a great idea! My favorite magazine right now is Food Network. So much more than just "Food". Great stories and cool insights to chefs, which is right up my alley. =)

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