Friday, September 18, 2009

the un-lovable students...

I need more patience, lots more! please pray that i don't loose my job because i couldn't handle one of my students this year...and by couldn't handle i mean can't take her constant back talking, rolling eyes, stomping her feet, being mean to my kids, self entitled to everything personality, spoiled, rude, and disrespectful attitude any longer! now i loves me some lack of discipline challenges each year. i love to mold and shape them into the 'maze way' and watch their parents look on in a-maze-ment (pun intended!) give me some bad boys and i can work with it. give me some un-organization and i can go with it. give me some low performers and i can do it! but, don't give me the attitude riddled girl who has always gotten her way. i can't do that! I need more patience, lots more!

i AM NOT one to give up easy and i DO NOT send my kids to the office because i think it shows them you have given up and you have no control over them. bad thing to show them on week 5 of school! however, i have gone against my own better judgement and sent Ms. Horrible Attitude to the office on Wednesday and she was put in In School Suspension for Thursday. It was the best day of the school year, Thank you Jesus! The whole feeling of my classroom was dramatically different with this little **** out of the room. But this morning I am faced with walking back in the rink with her inside the ropes again and I'm not ready for the fight that will be ahead. I really am trying to let some things slide and not provoke her, but there are rules and my rules must be followed. She is the kind of student that once she gets in trouble, even for a small thing, she melts down and is horrible the rest of the day. I need more patience, lots more! The sad thing is the rest of my kids are really good hearted little friends. They are sweet, excited about learning, and appreciative. I. really like them. But one bad apple does spoil the whole bunch sometimes and this is a classic case. I need more patience, lots more!

OK, I'm about the journey on to school. i can do this, i think i can, i think i can! i have done it for 13 years....oh the thrill of the fight ahead!

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Heather said...

I can sympathize. I have been praying every morning that God will give me the strength to control my classroom in a fair and just way while still maintaining control and peace. I will pray for you too!

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