Thursday, February 25, 2010

Update on Molly!!!

Today is my 36th month of paperpregnacy...yes 3 years officially logged in with the CCAA waiting to adopt.  Today's date made it even more special when I opened my email to see an update about Molly.  How wonderful that God saw fit to give me some hopeful confirmation on this day:)  This is what it said...

1.  She is 18 months old, 29" tall and 24 pounds...ah yeah a bit chubby for Chinese standards!  ha!  She most likely will not fit into all of those dresses...this means a bit more shopping for me!
2.  She is in good health and rarely gets sick.
3.  She is an excellend walker and.....wait for it....this is so cute....loves singing when she is walking!!!!!!!!!!  How cute is that?  Welcome to Music City USA, girlfriend!  Also, they said she is a brave girl and never cries if she falls down.
4.  She is a happy girl, always smiling.
5.  She sleeps well and never cries before bedtime.
6.  She can use her hands/fingers to do anything, just like other children.
7.  She is very stable on both feet to stand or walk.

I'm still waiting on PA (preapproval) and then RA (Referral Acceptance) before I can post her pictures.  It will be a while before all of that happens.  I know you are dying to see her cute face!  I promise to post as soon as I can!  They included 3 more pictures with these updates so it was really fun to see how she's grown!  She has chubby cheeks and her hair is getting long.  They haven't shaved it as of now and I hope they don't.  She has many bows waiting for her!!  I'm one joyful mama today!!


groovy mama said...

Congrats to you...can't wait!!! you can email me if you want, i can't wait to see her cute updates.....

Lucky mama you are!!!!


Love for Lilly Yin said...

Perfect in every way!

Jill said...

Yay, Amy! I just read your post about the PA. That is great news. It sounds like Molly is going to love living in Music City! Are you still considering a raffle?

Tricia Thompson said...

I'm so excited for you!!! Remember they may have weighed her with all her clothes on so don't count out some of those dresses. Pants especially will be big on her - they have NO rearends! Maggie's 12 month tops are really fitting now but she could still wear a 9 month pant if they were not to short. How much fun for you. I can't wait to see the pictures of sweet Molly. Welcome to motherhood...

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