Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Demolition and Renovation...

Well, because my house isn't enough of a disaster with the bedroom floors still undone from the flood of 2010 I went into my guest bathroom last night on a whim (and a little out of boredom) and started demolition!!!  It's exciting!  I have had ongoing plans for this bathroom since I moved in and really wanted to get it done before Molly comes home.  So I thought what better time to start than now?  Everything is cleared and cleaned out of the bathroom, the cabinet doors and drawers are all off the hinges and I have successfully taken down the mirror WITHOUT breaking it!  What a huge success!  I will write more about those details later! 

I have purchased all of the paint and supplies...I'm working on a very tight budget so this little space didn't require a whole lot!  While it is in progress I am taking pictures to keep track of all the steps for you all, but I thought I'd show you some pretty pictures of my "fantasy" bathrooms for your enjoyment while you wait!!!

This is so gorgeous with the natural light from the guest bathroom has no windows, so the lighting is a bit off.
I am painting my cabinets (currently maple) white and changing the knobs to some just like these.  I wish I could afford new marble countertops like these, but they will have to wait until much later.
I'm painting my walls a creamy color like these two pictures above.  I'm debating on adding beadboard wallpaper to my cabinet doors....tbd
I'm adding beadboard wallpaper and chair rail to my walls like this.  I have a built in medicine cabinet like this that I will paint and leave the door off.  So cute.
Well, enjoy!  I will keep you updated on my improvements...pray for no catastrophes!!!


Shauna and MacLean said...

Amy, you go girl sounds like a great job and you will have time now but not later when Molly comes home. Looking forward to seeing pictures. take care, happy renos!

Lauren said...

wow -- looks like we have very similar taste in decorating!! I adore all those pictures - though the top one is my favorite! :) Have fun!!

Angie said...

SOunds like fun to me! I love me some beadboard!

Jill said...

I love your dream bathrooms... so pretty! I can't wait to see your final bathroom project. FUN!!!

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