Sunday, April 25, 2010

last minute projects...

I had wanted to clean up and paint my garage ever since I moved in last summer.  Finally this spring I painted it a beautiful 'chocolate froth' from Home Depot and taped off space for a chalkboard for Molly, Madison, and Eddie to play with.  I love the idea and would have enjoyed this extra large space when I was a kid if I had it!  Of course I added pink hooks, a pink alphabet chart I found at TJ Maxx, pink shelves, pink frames, etc. 

Molly's "lipstick" stroller!  Really, that is the name of it...lipstick!  I have to admit, it was the main reason I registered for this one.
 I also painted the kitchen door and added these organizational hooks.  I love the quote on the door I enter after a hard days work!  I bought it at Michael's.
I kept debating between a high chair or booster seat to save space.  I decided a high chair would keep things a bit neater and would keep her "contained" for a moment if I'm finishing dinner in the kitchen or cleaning up.  I can roll her in the kitchen with me...hope she like it!
Maple "seeds" or helicopters are covering my yard and street at the moment!  
I'm being overtaken with PAPERWORK!  I'll be SO HAPPY to be home with Molly and not responsible for keeping official government documents, immigration papers, and adoption stuff all around!
Will it all fit????  That is the question.  I have two days to condense!


Jill said...

Of course you decorated the garage! I LOVE it... love the chalk board idea. I'm gonna have to borrow that idea someday. And the pink accessories in the garage~ oh my gosh, it's SO cute! And a garage wouldn't be complete without a stash of diet coke. :)

Shauna and MacLean said...

the garage looks so cute what a dream for Molly and your neice and nephew. Love the quote from Michael's . Just a tip taking stuff out of containers and fitting them in corners really works. Enjoy.

KatieB. said...

Um, you are so cute! I LOVE the chalkboard area in the garage - that would be have been great to have growing up. And her pink stroller is too cute - you are going to be so stylish walking her around the neighborhood! So close! Saying a prayer for safe travels.

Dan and Karen said...

My husband would be SO jealous over your garage, I can't even show him the photos! I love the chalkboard paint idea!

We have the same stroller and LOVE it!

Your packing looks like it's going well! :)

Angie said...

May totally have to steal the garage idea! What a fabulous idea!

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