Monday, June 14, 2010

more fun times

this weekend was so hot, so we cooled off at the pool with eddie, madison, mama maze, and aunt ambre.
miss molly looked adorable in her target ballerina swimsuit but wouldn't slow down for a full picture !!
there is no relaxation with these 3 because none of them really have a fear of water!  they are all very brave and we screamed out "get him/her" more than one time!!
this little guy is a real dare devil!!!  he jumps in even without someone in the catch him...which can be really scary!!

madison is all about molly!

This morning Molly helped me clean the house a little bit...
it's not too early for chores, is it?  she's taking the trash out to the garage! ha!  i'm sure in years to come i will be arguing with her about doing this!

Later this morning we went to the zoo for a couple hours.  Again, it was so hot, we couldn't stay too long!  but Molly enjoyed her first time visiting all the animals!  Thanks to Uncle Eddie and Aunt Ambre for year long passes to the zoo, we will be able to go in the fall and spring when it is cooler!

joining a family of geese who appeared to be walking to work!
they were not posing, but really all pointing to a daddy bird trying to protect his new baby!
the petting zoo
to end the day we went on a carousel ride!  very fun!


Cheryl said...

Would love to have access to a pool. Looks like so much fun with the temps in the ^90s. Little Missy is so darling in her swimwear.

Shauna and MacLean said...

Wow looks like a ton of fun but man it must be hot!,

Andrea said...

Amy, You are the best Mom and little Molly looks precious in every photo! Love seeing her grow and be loved! - Andrea

Ashley E. said...

I love how she's wearing a giraffe dress to the zoo! Cute! :)

Angie said...

She is growing so fast! Such fun times!

Becky said...

I like the Target swimsuit too.

We never paid our kids for regular chores and told them that they did them because their last name was Kelly. Remember that! You do them because your last name is Maze. We are family. We work together. Get that pitch going early.

Lauren Kelly said...

So fun!!! She is so cute in that bathing suit. I’ve been to Nashville but have never been able to do the zoo there! Would love to sometime!! :)

D said...

She is so cute! I can't stand it! Love these photos :)

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