Friday, July 9, 2010

Surgery Day

Molly's surgery went very well today.  We got to the hospital this morning at 9am and her surgery started at noon.  It lasted about 3 hours and she was in recovery for about an hour.  We were home by 4:30 p.m. and now she is resting in bed.  I hope she sleeps well tonight, but just in case it's a difficult night I'm heeading to bed also to et some sleep earlier than usual. 

She is very confused as to why she has a cast on each hand and her foot.  She is very sad about it and they are so heavy and uncomfortable  they have constrained her mobility quite a bit.  She will keep the casts and bandages on for 2 weeks and then she will enjoy some much deserved freedom when we have them all removed! 
Total cuteness before surgery!!
She was not happy with all of the doctors/nurses coming in before surgery

Finally at home...trying to rest comfortably

These are some quick videos I shot before surgery.  She was so cute and funny after they gave her the 'funny' medicine I had to capture it.  The battery on my camera died, but I had my flip with me so I did document some of the day.


Jo's Corner said...

Hi Amy and Sweet Molly ~ I'm so glad that the surgery went well! I Prayed several times through out the day. I want to suggest that you keep Molly's foot elevated. It's not a good ides to see it hanging down like it was in the photos. The weight will pull on her hip and knee and cause her foot to throb. Keeping it up on a pillow will make her have less pain and discomfort.
Praying for a restful night for the two of you!
Hugs ~ Jo

Jill said...

Oh my Lanta, Georgia... Amy, did your girl just go into surgery with a big bow in her hair???? LOVE IT!!! I'm so glad she's okay. Praying for y'all....

Angie said...

So thankful things went well! As I watched those videos, my heart hurt for you...I know that must have been so scary. But then, I was totally cracking up at the videos! her words were all slurred...bless her! Praying these two weeks pass quickly and can't wait to see her new hands and foot! Praying for good rest, quick healing...and that she doens't accidentally backhand anyone!

Becky said...

Two weeks ago one of my daughter's triplets had eye surgery. He slept the rest of that day. The next day he did this crazy little dance - all day long. It was hilarious. All day long.

I see Grandma got in some quality sympathy time too. I prayed for Molly yesterday and it appears all went well. Now prayers for mama the next two weeks!

Lauren Kelly said...

Precious thing, I'm so glad everything went well!!! :)

The Raudenbush Family said...

Oh what a sweetheart--so hard to see your dear one go to sleep for surgery, isn't it? So glad it went well and I'm looking forward to seeing her new hands and foot too!

Judi said...

I'm glad everything went well with Molly's surgery!

Anonymous said...

So glad things went well for Sweet Molly's surgery. I had tears in my eyes watching her little videos, so scary for Mom and babe when they are putting them to sleep. Thanks for keeping up posted, love following your blog!

Ontario, Canada

groovy mama said...

HEy, Matching PINK casts, Too BAD the girls don't live closer we could celebrate in 2weeks!

Chrissy said...

Glad it went well! Hope she recovers quickly! :o)

Jo's Corner said...

Oh, I have been thinking of Molly (and her Mommy!!) all day! And, Praying, too. I hope you both got some rest last night. I just watched to 2 videos you did after the "Happy Juice"! Funny! But, I had THE biggest grin on my face when I heard Grandma say "Pee-Pye" when Molly was covering her eyes! Now I may live in Minnesota now, but I was born and raised in Monroe, La. and I remember people saying that same thing when I was little. It gave me a warm feeling.

Amy, Thanks, for responding to my above comment! I can't believe they didn't tell you to keep her little foot elevated. It will be throbbing today and having it up will really help with that. (I'm thinking you had the same issue with your infected finger!!) How IS your finger? Don't bite your nails, Mommy! ; )

Looking forward to hearing how little Precious, Precious Molly is today. Hug her for me! ~ JO

Shauna and MacLean said...

Bless her wee soul what a trooper my thoughts were with you and we sent lots of prayers from Canada!! Rest amd get well soon !

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