Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall Pretties

I'm loving the cool crisp greeting autumn mornings have given me this week.  It makes me remember that cooler air is coming, the leaves are beginning to change, and fall break is coming soon!  I have decorated my house for halloween/fall and it was so much fun this year as I watched Molly's face smile with interest as she spotted each new pumpkin and dish of candy corn throughout the house.  Holidays are so much fun with children!  I didn't buy many new things this year, almost everything was saved from last year right down to the candy corn I've stored in my freezer to save $2!

This little scene could use some work.  It shows up so nice against the white, but could use some more texture or something...I'm still tweaking.  Ideas???

I made those two pumpkins a couple years ago and the tutorial is here.  They are so easy to make and they will last a long time.  It is not supposed to say "me" it is the initials for Madison and Eddie...I guess I should switch them so it doesn't look like the word Me.  Also the candle sticks were a great find at Goodwill this week!
I added a little more color this year by switching a mirror with this print my aunt gave me.  It adds more height to the mantle area and with my high ceilings I need it.  I also used acorns from my moms yard to fill these vases and put bouquets of leaves in.  The angels were from Hobby Lobby last year.

Here is a look back at last years decor...
And again, this year....

I still don't have Molly's picture in this frame...that is just the picture that came with it!
Cute plate from Hobby Lobby
I love this candle!
Pumpkins from the patch and the dotted buckets are from TJMaxx.  So cute!

She is always on my heels...
These are the cutest little chandelier charms that came from Ballard Designs last year.

These candy apples are from a clearance sale at a cute little boutique last year.  I think they are so festive!


Lauren said...

LOVE all the décor!!!! So fun and festive!!! :)

Becky said...

It's gorgeous!!

Laurie said...

Your decorations are simply beautiful!

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